Heaton Smith is the leader in documented and naming gifts in our space and has facilitated gifts that range from $50,000 to a minimum $10,000,000.  Sample documented gifts include bequest with revocable and irrevocable gifts agreements and inter vivos charitable lead and remainder trusts.


Anne Arundel Medical Center, Annapolis, Maryland

Regional health system serving Maryland’s capital

Minimum $10,000,000 – combination inter vivos and bequest gift – signed gift agreement



Baptist Medical Center Beaches, Ponte Vedra, Florida

Part of Baptist Health System, Jacksonville, Florida

Five-hospital system

Largest and leading healthcare provider in Northeast Florida

$2,000,000 naming gift– inter vivos charitable remainder unitrust – signed gift agreement


Carroll Hospital Center, Westminster, Maryland

Full-service comprehensive healthcare facility

$500,000 –  bequest

$390,000 – charitable gift annuity



Greenville Health System, Greenville, South Carolina

South Carolina’s largest healthcare system 

Home to the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Greenville 

$2,500,000 Inter vivos CRUT – scholarship endowment

$1,000,000 bequest– scholarship endowment

$1,000,000 – inter vivos charitable lead trust – signed gift agreement

$1,000,000 – inter vivos charitable lead trust – gift to launch The Seed Fund for Advanced Pediatric Care – signed gift agreement

$250,000 – bequest – signed gift agreement


Norton Healthcare System, Louisville, Kentucky

Five-hospital system

Region’s leading healthcare provider

$30,000,000 – Total for documented gifts facilitated by Heaton Smith.  Cumulative amount includes several naming gifts. Signed gift agreements for cumulative amount.

st thomas.jpg

Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital,  Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Leading healthcare provider in Rutherford County

Part of Saint Thomas Health, Nashville

$500,000 bequest - signed gift agreement

$100,000 – inter vivos charitable remainder trust – signed gift agreement

st joshep.jpeg


St. Joseph Health - St. Mary, Apple Valley, California

High Desert’s leading healthcare provider

Part of St. Joseph Health, Orange, California

$5,600,000 – Total for documented planned gifts facilitated by Heaton Smith.

Cumulative amount includes several naming gifts. Signed gift agreements for cumulative amount.