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University of North Carolina Asheville


At UNC Asheville, our liberal arts educational approach emphasizes life skills including critical thinking, clear and thoughtful expression, and honest open inquiry. Students undertake concentrated study in one area while simultaneously developing an understanding of the connections among disciplines. We encourage students to clarify, develop and live their own values while respecting the views and beliefs of others. In addition we cultivate an understanding of the dimensions of human diversity while recognizing the common humanity of all. We believe a quality liberal arts education enables our graduates to be lifelong learners and to lead successful, flourishing lives as leaders and contributors to their communities. Visit www.unca.edu for more information.




Peace Center   

Peace Center Logo

The Peace Center is located on a six-acre site along the Reedy River in downtown Greenville. With a 2,100-seat concert hall, a 400-seat theater, an outdoor stage, a patrons’ lounge, and a variety of indoor and outdoor meeting, rehearsal, and event spaces, the Peace Center has become the hub of cultural life in Upstate South Carolina.

Performances are the heart and soul of the Peace Center, which strives to offer diverse programming to serve all communities and all ages. The Peace Center presents the best national Broadway tours, world-class classical music concerts and dance companies, along with popular musicians, comedians and speakers.

The Peace Outreach Program (POP!) is the Peace Center’s nationally-recognized outreach and community engagement initiative, fulfilling a critical role in the center’s mission by serving approximately 55,000 students, teachers and families each year.

To learn more about the Peace Center, its mission and upcoming events, visit peacecenter.org.


St. Vincent’s Foundation

Birmingham, Alabama

St. Vincent’s Foundation was established in 1984 to administer charitable contributions for St. Vincent’s Health System. The Foundation strives to support its health ministry in providing personalized, compassionate care for its patients and the community.

The Foundation works with donors across Alabama and beyond to raise funds for programs, education, equipment, and technology. It also drive capital campaigns that fund new and improved facilities for the health system, including St. Vincent’s Birmingham, St. Vincent’s Blount, St. Vincent’s Chilton, St. Vincent’s East, St. Vincent’s One Nineteen, St. Vincent’s St. Clair, and the Ambulatory Healthcare Network.
Learn more at www.stvhs.com/give.

Through a values-based discovery process that helps donors articulate what’s important to them in three vital areas—family, finances and philanthropy—we guide individuals, couples and families through the work of cultivating their desired legacies. It’s a process that for our clients results in meaningful gifts and a closer relationship with donors.


“If you and your family can determine what’s important before deciding what to do, then your children will thrive, your family will survive, and society will benefit.”

- Charlie Collier

former Senior Philanthropic Advisor

Harvard University

  A Heaton Smith Strategic Partner

A Heaton Smith Strategic Partner